Swing Doors

Door Openers


Compact and light automation, ideal for residential use. It is supplied with a back-up battery, located inside the automation, and with an ON/OFF switch, located in an easily accessible position.

Heavy duty options available for high volume usage in communal areas

Ensures an easy and practical access

The automation also allows the user to select the Low Energy and Push and Go modes. The Low Energy facility allows the door to be opened and closed with reduced energy and speed, making the Sprint automation particularly suitable for less able bodied users.
The Push and Go facility, also supplied as standard, is essential when automatic opening enabled by an initial manual push is required.

Practical, safe and reliable

Sprint features a standard anti-crushing device, which makes it safer and more reliable, as it can be manually operated even in the event of power failure. These and other unique features make Sprint one of the world’s leading automations for swing doors for residential use.


Wide range of accessories including remote control,coded entry,intercom and push buttons.