VM Homelift

Home Lifts

Designed for safety, flexibility and independence. The advanced design of the Wessex Home Lift affords greater benefits to the user:

Designed for independence
Illuminated, ergonomically designed internal controls for ease of use. Powered door option for greater independence. Large-Buttoned remote control available.

Flexibility of Installation Locations
Free-standing design does not require load bearing wall. Door opening and internal controls may be either left or right and can be changed from side to side, enabling relocation of lift.

Free-Standing Tracks

Eliminates the need of a load-bearing wall, thus giving a wider choice of lift location.

Arrives Flat Packed

For ease of transport and entry into the home, the lift is assembled by factory trained engineers.

Fixed Internal Ramp

Designed to be compact, the smaller size carriage optimises external space for wheelchair manoeuvrability. Including a gentle inclined ramp for easy access.

Multi-handled Doors

Doors and internal controls may be fitted to the right or left. Clever design makes it possible for factory trained engineers to change both door and controls from one side to the other if required.

Remote Control

For greater independence. (optional extra)

Illuminated Internal Controls

Push button controls fitted at hand height are ergonomically designed for ease of use. A key switch is available as an optional extra and may be fitted in the lift, enabling internal controls to be turned off.

Universal Telephone Socket

Fitted as standard. Telephone may be supplied as optional extra.

Audible Alarm

Two-tone alarm with battery back-up is fitted as standard for use in an emergency.

Safety Edges

If touched or obstructed the VM Homelift will automatically stop during ascent.

Sensors in Floating Platform

Located under the lift. The floating platform sensors stop the lift if descent is obstructed.

Timer-Controlled Lights

Timer-Controlled lights illuminate the lift carriage. They are activated automatically by the operation of the lift and switch off after a pre-set time.

Call Stations

The lift may be operated from call stations located in the property at convenient positions on both levels. A key control system is available as an optional extra and may be incorporated into the call stations to prevent unauthorised use.

Emergency Back-up Systems

In the event of power failure emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the lift to the ground.

  VM30 VM31 VM36 VM38 VM50 VM51 VM56 VM58
Internal Width 590mm 740mm 790mm 900mm 590mm 740mm 790mm 900mm
Internal Length - Manual Door 790mm 1180mm 1230mm 1400mm 790mm 1180mm 1230mm 1400mm
Internal Length - Powered Door   1150mm 1200mm 1370mm   1150mm 1200mm 1370mm
Total Ext. Length (Door open to wall) 1655mm 2190mm 2290mm 2570mm 1655mm 2190mm 2290mm 2570mm
Total Ext. Width (Inc. Floating Platform) 722mm 872mm 922mm 1032mm 722mm 872mm 922mm 1032mm
Total Ext. Length (Inc. Floating Platform to Wall) 1090mm 1475mm 1525mm 1695mm 1090mm 1475mm 1525mm 1695mm
Min. Shaft Width 846mmn 996mmn 1046mmn 1156mmn 846mmn 996mmn 1046mmn 1156mmn
Min. Shaft Length 1120mmn 1505mmn 1555mmn 1725mmn 1120mmn 1505mmn 1555mmn 1725mmn
Min. First-Floor Ceiling Height 2055mmn 2295mmn
Mid-Floor Dimensions From 165mm to 385mm
Safe Working Load 250Kg
Lift Speed 60mm per second
SP500 SP500 (upper gate) SP500 (bridging plate)
Maximum Threshold Height 500mm 500mm 500mm
Safe Working Load 250kg 250kg 250kg
Usable Platform Dimensions 1220mm x 750mm 1220mm x 750mm 1220mm x 750mm
Lift Footprint Dimensions 1310mm x 980mm 1360mm x 980mm 1310mm x 980mm
Lift Footprint Dimensions (Ramp Lowered) 1465mm x 980mm 1505mm x 980mm 1465mm x 980mm
Lift Speed 20mm per second
Power Supply – Single Phase & Earth 230v ac 50 Hz
Maximum Threshold Height 1000mm
Safe Working Load 300kg
Usable Platform Dimensions 1450mm x 900mm
Lift Footprint Dimensions 1491mm x 1104mm
Lift Footprint Dimensions With Ramp Down 1885mm x 1104mm
Lift Speed 20mm per second
Lift Closed Height 73mm
Power Supply – Single Phase & Earth 230v ac 50 Hz