OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist

A combination of our experience and one of the widest range of track options available allows us to install our ceiling hoist system in almost any situation.

The white motor and track of the OT200 is designed to blend in and is available either as 2 function (manual traverse) or 4 function (powered up/down and left/right).

The system can be adapted to fit all building designs including ECO joists, TGI’s, and concrete construction.

The product has been designed to be relocated in other locations with minimal costs.


Unlike all other ceiling hoists the OT200 automatically recharges the batteries whenever the hoist is lowered. Advanced regenerative technology ensures the dynamo system gives over 150 lifts per charge.

Any Track Layout

One of the widest range of options on the market, virtually any layout can be achieved. We understand the correct positioning is critical, it might be our xy system, compact curves, multi exit turntable or our simple room-to-room system that allows you to get the exact layout you require.

Emergency System

The OT200 has a unique, simple emergency lowering system that does not rely on physical winding down with tools or add-ons. This feature allows the OT200 in any emergency to lower the patient quickly, without panic and in safety.


The OT200 has an inbuilt diagnostic screen, allowing the engineer to adjust the speed, fault find and see how often the hoist has been used. Useful to check if manual handling policies are being followed.

Dimensions Cassette - 303mm x 240mm x 190mm
Weight Capacity 200kg or 250kg
Options Powered or Manual Tilting Cradle, 2 Point Spreader Bar, Weigh Scale, Infra-Red
Track Options H System, Turntable, Gate, Curves, Room-to-Room, Freestanding Gantry : 2m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 8m