Weight Test Bags

Multipurpose Weight Bags

Designed for use where weight tests are required for installation and maintenance. The Multipurpose Weight Bags are ideal for testing Hoists, Platform Lifts and Stairlifts.

From £20.00 each (Ex VAT & deliver)

No risk of damage

Eliminates the risk of damage to floors and other surfaces unlike conventional steel weights or water systems.


Easy to store and transport, as well as making it easy to calculate how many test bags you need to any specific test.

Colour coded

Colour coded and labelled.

Blue 10kg
Yellow 15kg
Orange 20kg

Please note: The internal contents of each bag is natural product and the final weight may vary +/- 5%.


Constructed using a high grade, durable, non rip and waterproof fabric. All weight test bags feature heavy duty stitching as well as large carry handles.