Through Floor Lifts

Through Floor Lifts, described as “vertical lifts, platform lifts, through floor lifts, disabled lifts or home lifts” are designed for two-storey houses, for wheelchair users and people who have restricted mobility.

They are small lifts that will fit into any home and provide freedom of movement throughout the house. You can put these lifts for wheelchair users in any downstairs room that is most convenient and have it move up through an aperture in the ceiling to the room above (usually the user’s bedroom).

Whatever the wheelchair users lifestyle or home is laid out, we have a floor lift suitable in our range. If you require assistance,  we can help identify the most appropriate model. The lifts have different weight cater for larger or smaller loads within the house as well as an open hatch or enclosed loading areas, we also try to cater for the height required by the user up to around 6metres.

When not in use the through floor lifts can be parked at either level, leaving maximum living space available. They are are very flexible, safe and ensure independence for the wheelchair user.


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