AES offers OpeMed modular Ceiling Track system as one of their hoist solutions. This is one of the best patient transfer solutions on the market. We are one of the chosen Opemed installation specialists, therefore, you can be sure that it meets the requirements of your building. This patient transfer solution ensures an experience that protects the user’s dignity, reduces risk of injury for the carer and frees up space to reduce the number of carers involved in daily patient transfer.

AES can help customers with technical assistance, installation of the products and design consultancy. We can help save money on any structural and modifications costs.


  • Off-white Colour to Blend into Ceiling
  • Multi-Room Gate System
  • Unique No-Show Internal Bracket
  • Full room covering XY (H) Systems
  • Turntables and Switchers
  • Modular Tracking Units
  • Bespoke Pieces Available
  • Flush Tracking