AES brings to you the OpeTrack Gantry System. This is a temporary hoisting solution and can be seen as an alternative system if it’s going to be difficult to install a hoist into the ceiling.

This Gantry System is compatible and compliments being used with the Monarch Portable Hoist and other Opemed products within the range.
Boasting a weight capacity of up to 200kg, the OpeTrack Gantry system is unobtrusive and space saving compared to other Gantry systems on the market. The base is one of the thinnest sizes available. This means that risk of injury for those working around them with a great reduction in tripping hazrads. It’s also an easy-to-install system, that be tailor made to the room.

AES can help customers with technical assistance, installation of the products and design consultancy. We can help save money on any structural and modifications costs.


  • Weight Capacity of 200kg
  • Extra low profile base to reduce trip hazard
  • Easy assembly, no drilling required
  • Easy and fast to tailor on-site
  • Suitable for fixed & portable OpeMed Ceiling Hoists